Confused with Zoho Connect Ultimate

Confused with Zoho Connect Ultimate


I see Zoho Connect offers now a new plan : Ultimate.
I noticed then you moved the time tracking feature to this new plan. That's quite unfair for Enterprise plan users :( (that's why I've just added a Zoho Connect integration for Clockify on my side).
Moreover there are new features that remain quite fuzzy to me :

1) Public board : can you show me what it consists in ? You mean we can make a board accessible to anybody without subscription ?
2) Dynamic belonging to a board : what is it ?
3) I can see a "payment gateway" feature that is not included in any plan...?
4) Custom roles : what can we customize exactly ?
5) Custom menus : what can we do ?
6) Workflows : ?
7) API : so now we dont have API accessible in Enterprise plan anymore ?
8) Social advocacy : ? What is it ?

And finally
9) Please, WHEN will we have a real Workdrive browser in Zoho Connect ? (that you are supposed to work on for years now).

Thank you.