Why are Products not part of Contact and Company

Why are Products not part of Contact and Company


In a previous post I mentioned something similar in which I see there's no answer.

Still don't understand why we have product option in the bigin crm if you don't have it connected to the contact and company. I say this because if I am in a contact or company consulting their information I can not see or know what are all the  products that is associated to them. This is very important because after closing a deal and you win or maybe lost in future when you are in again contacting the client or company and you need to know the products that are associated and what quantities and prices was practiced yiu don't have this information basically nothing. Even inside the products option tab you cannot even get this information or filter this information if you want to see all the products  that are associated to the contacts or company.
Thats why I say as if products belong to a different software than bigin crm. It's as if it's not connected. 

From what I have I have been seeing there's a lot of talk of APIs in connecting the software to external softwares and the concentration in the Bigin crm to make it better and having the option to have all the information at your fingertips is missing.

In the image in attached I leave the contact option in which should have product com TAB with products só can see all the products. Same for company option. 
In this product TAB thats lacking in the bigin crm have the option see all the products by date and process with quantities - unit price - total price. Maybe have more options for example by clicking on top o process and take you to pipeline deal or see the products filter by year or monthly are resume all the products instead seperated.

By having this option of products either in desktop or if you use the bigin mobile you have the information in the palm of your hand to make best decision when doing business with a contact or company. Especially when need close a deal or make new deals with a client. Main problem in a business is making a second sales sometimes the more information you have in regard to a client the quicker you make business and Bigin CRm can help in this issue by making and resolve this in regard to products.