Contact Segments with multiple CRM modules

Contact Segments with multiple CRM modules


We have a somewhat unique setup in our system involving various components: Contacts, Accounts, Deals, and a couple of custom modules named Properties and Audit Logs. We're looking to implement a notification system via SMS and Email specifically for our contacts, based on activities within these modules.

Here's what we need help with:

  1. Segmenting Contacts for Notifications: We want to send notifications to contacts when certain criteria are met in our Properties and Audit Logs modules. How can we segment these contacts appropriately to trigger these notifications?

  2. Example Scenario: Say we have a 'status' field in our Properties module. If the status of a property changes to "Paused", we want to automatically send an email notification to the contact linked to that property.

  3. Understanding Relationships and Triggers: I'm uncertain about how our custom modules interact with the contacts module in our CRM when it comes to triggering these notifications. Specifically, does the system require a CRM lookup field to identify the contact to send notifications to, or does it operate on the contact's email address directly? This means, do I need to set up a lookup field within CRM to associate these modules with contacts, or should I create a function to fetch the contact's email address for these notifications?

Essentially, I'm seeking guidance on how to establish these connections and triggers within our CRM to facilitate our desired notification system based on the specific actions within our custom modules.

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