Correcting Zoho Inventory

Correcting Zoho Inventory

Hi Zoho Community!

Looking for some advice - My Zoho Inventory isn't matching correctly with what's actually on hand.  I know why - but I don't know how to fix it.  This is a bit of a long post... sorry...

Back Story:
Close to 2 years ago, we switched over from QuickBooks and a conglomerate of other applications to the Zoho One suite.  I had initially set up Zoho Inventory so that the product descriptions and such would transfer to Zoho Books.  I had fully intended on using Zoho Inventory correctly... but then (being a 1-man shop) got caught up in a bunch of other stuff and couldn't finish the implementation correctly.  Then, because other applications also weren't implemented fully, I wasn't using the "sales order", "purchase order" and "drop ship" functions properly.

Current problem
When I try to adjust the amount of product on hand, it never matches appropriately.  This is because I used purchase orders for client drop ship orders.  This makes Zoho Inventory 'think' that I have restock orders that have not been received... and now my inventory is incorrect. 

Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated.

@Donald Love always enjoy your input if you have any suggestions!