Create contracts through a request form in Zoho Forms

Create contracts through a request form in Zoho Forms

Usually, the need for a contract will be raised by other department people, such as your colleagues in Business Development, Sales, Procurement, Department Heads, etc., through email or other forms of communication. Your contract managers or legal associates have to go through the details and manually create the contracts in Zoho Contracts which can be mundane and time-consuming.

However, using our Zoho Flow integration, you can create contracts through a request form in Zoho Forms. When the requester submits an entry in the form, the flow you can find in Zoho Flow's gallery, as mentioned below, will automatically create a new contract in Zoho Contracts with the given details.

Steps to find the flow:
  1. Access your Zoho Flow account by entering in your browser's address bar.
  2. Create an organization in Zoho Flow if you don't have an account in Zoho Flow.
  3. Click Explore Gallery at the top.
  4. Search "Zoho Contracts" in the app search field.
  5. Click Zoho Contracts from the search result.
  6. Click More Details when you mouse over on the "Create a new contract in Zoho Contracts..." flow displayed on the right-side.
If you would like to enable this integration, please reach us at We will help you in setting up the form in your Zoho Forms account and configure the flow.

Zoho Contracts Team

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