Data is inaccurate

Data is inaccurate

Just started a trial of Motivator, looks great but the data is wrong.

I've set a simple test behavior of a Call record that has a duration that isn't empty, worth 2 points.

In the CRM, I make a record like this, and in Motivator it shows that I have 2 points. So far so good.

But then if I close Motivator and come back later, it shows that I only have 1 point??

Then if I delete the record from the CRM and check Motivator again, it shows that I have negative 1 points??

Why do the point totals go out of sync? This product is of no use to me if the totals are not accurate, as we would like to base sales rep rewards on their performance. They need to have absolute confidence that their efforts are being tracked accurately.

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