Deprecation of Zoho Office Integrator old version (V0) APIs

Deprecation of Zoho Office Integrator old version (V0) APIs

Greetings from Zoho Office Integrator Team!


This email is to remind you about the deprecation of our old version (V0) APIs. Earlier, we informed that the V0 APIs will be removed on 15th August 2021. However, due to some of our clients requests, we are extending the timeline up to 15th September 2021. After which, the old version (V0) APIs will be completely removed from our end and it will not work.


Please make sure that you have moved to our latest version (V1) APIs by referring the shared documentation before the mentioned deadline. Our V1 APIs consists of more advanced functionalities and features that you can explore.


We hope that the provided timeline is sufficient to make the URL and parameter changes in the implementation of your application. If you have already moved to our latest version (V1) APIs, you can ignore this post.


If you have any concerns, please write to us at:



Thanks & Regards,

Akshaya | Tech Support Engineer  

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