Feature request

Feature request

I have been using the Zoho Notebook app and find it incredibly useful for organizing my notes and thoughts. I wanted to provide some feedback and share a few feature requests that I believe would further enhance the user experience:
1. Importing from Gnotes App: It would be immensely helpful if there was an option to import notes from the Gnotes app into Zoho Notebook, similar to the existing feature of importing notes from Evernote. This would allow for seamless transitions and consolidation of notes from different platforms.
2. Timestamp Insertion: I would appreciate having a button in the note editor that directly inserts the current timestamp without requiring a confirmation. This would simplify the process and save time by automatically inserting the date and time with a single click. Gnotes app has a similar feature that I find quick and convenient. Additionally, it would be great if the timestamp button could be positioned more prominently in the note toolbar for easy access.
3. Compact List View: When viewing notes in the list format, it would be beneficial to have a more compact layout. The current list items occupy significant space, which limits the efficient utilization of the screen. Introducing a "compact view" option or reducing the width and height of each list item would greatly improve the overall usability, especially when managing a large number of notes.

I believe these enhancements would significantly improve the user experience and productivity within the Zoho Notebook app. Thank you for considering these suggestions. I look forward to seeing further improvements in future updates.

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