Find replacement temps

Find replacement temps

We are excited to introduce "Find Replacement Temps," which can help you effortlessly find the perfect replacement when one of your temps can't make it to a shift.
Easily find a replacement temp with the same job title, base pay, and other essential qualifications as the original temp. 

How Does It Work?

When a temp informs you that they can't make it to a particular shift, "Find Replacement Temps" helps you identify temps who match the job's requirements, ensuring a smooth transition without disruption.


Why "Find Replacement Temps"?

  • Minimize Disruption: Keep your staffing operations running smoothly, even when unexpected changes occur.
  • Efficiency: Find replacements quickly, without the need for extensive manual searching.
  • Precise Matches: Ensure that the replacement temp perfectly fits the job's requirements.

"Find Replacement Temps" in Zoho Workerly is all about flexibility and control, giving you the power to adapt to changing circumstances seamlessly.