[Free Webinar] Learning Table Series - Creator for the Agriculture Industry

[Free Webinar] Learning Table Series - Creator for the Agriculture Industry

Hello Everyone!

The Learning Table Series is a free monthly webinar that runs for around 45 minutes. It's offered to our Community users and aims to provide a dynamic learning experience by demonstrating how Creator can be used as a solution for various business use cases across different industries. This year, we're continuing with the "12 industries in 12 months" concept.

12 months, 12 industries

For the month of February, we'll be looking at Zoho Creator for the Agriculture Industry.


The agriculture industry encompasses everything from planting crops and raising livestock to processing and distribution. With technology driving efficiency and sustainability, modern agriculture can meet the demands of a growing global population. But it's not just about farming—it's about innovation, responsible practices, and feeding the world.

About the session

During this session, we'll illustrate the process of handling finance management in the agriculture industry, using Creator as a solution. Additionally, we'll also show you how to automate livestock management.

Topics that will be covered
  • Agriculture - Finance management
  • The application process flow
  • Features and integrations
  • A live demonstration
  • Other use cases


Title: Learning Table Series - Zoho Creator for Agriculture
Date: February 8, 2024

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Block your calendar for February 8, 2024 — we're looking forward to meeting you all in the session. Register now and leave with a leg up on the competition! :)

Please email us at training@zohocreator.com with any other questions you may have.

The Zoho Creator Training Team