How to access account subscription billing/invoice/payment info?

How to access account subscription billing/invoice/payment info?

While logged in to a wiki with an account having permission to do so, or maybe the account owning that wiki, how do you navigate to invoice and payment info for that wiki? 

On a wiki's Settings page, there is a Subscription panel, but it just shows the features of the subscriptions belonging to that  user (not that wiki), and no way to get to fee, invoice, payment info.

And while browsing a wiki, there's the hamburger menu, with such promising items as Subscription Details (currently broken) or My Account -- surely that one would lead to Accounting info, but just goes to pages of profiles and user settings and preferences.

Separately, the emails titled "Zoho Wiki Subscription - Payment Renewal Ahead!" may have a link (for example to change credit card info) but they generally fail in one way or another, and don't lead to account balance, invoice, payment records and so on.

So I'm puzzle how this is supposed to work.

In desperation, I eventually have reverse engineered the email links to figure out that billing/payment info is available through "store" at links like:

For what it's worth, as a result of this confusing maze, I've only just discover I've been paying for years on one subscription that I thought had been cancelled years ago. The ongoing unnecessary charges had been just too difficult to distinguish from legit charges, until I now really looked into it. 

That said, I would be a lot more bitter about this if I didn't really appreciate the zoho wiki service as much as I do in general.

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