How Zylker doubled their webinar registrations!

How Zylker doubled their webinar registrations!

Webinars are good educational resources to gather qualified leads for your product. But what if your visitors are dropping off from your webinar landing page without signing up? What more could you do to convert visitors into registrants?

This is the story of Zylker's marketing hack to grow webinar registrations.

Zylker is a SAAS-based company that helps businesses create custom apps to digitize business processes. For example, if you're an event management company, you could create an app for registrations and collect attendee data in one place, securely. Also, you may create granular reports based on data collected.

Zylker's product is a hit since it simplifies data collection on complex business processes with minimum effort. To create a seamless user experience, the Zylker team works hard to understand the needs of different markets across verticals. A finance company might need an app to automate the workflow of a loan grant based on data collected, while a hotel might need an app to book rooms and block the booking when they are out of inventory. Different verticals have different challenges to solve using Zylker. The Zylker team is tasked with educating users on building apps to enable customers from varied verticals to build their own apps.

Webinar works like a charm when it comes to educating users. The Zylker team organized a webinar every week for the users to get their doubts cleared on creating and automating the app. Although the webinar was invaluable for the beginners, the number of registrations to the webinar did not justify the number of users signing up to the product. It was a matter of concern that the webinar registrations were less than 5% of total product sign-ups per month. If the users are not educated enough on the product, they might drop off after the trial period. On the other hand, if the users learn the product during trial, the chances of upgrades were as high as 25%. (This is NOT the conversion ratio of webinar attendees to customers, but the conversion of hot leads to customers. A webinar is just one of the many lead nurturing practices that heats the lead).

Like any other marketing team, the Zylker team created a beautiful landing page for webinars where they showcased the details of the webinar with a "Register Now" button as CTA. Upon tracking the visitor's behavior on the landing page, they realized that a good number of people landed on the page, but most of them were dropping off. So, while the email and social media marketing for the webinar was working as intended, something on the landing page was putting people off.

The challenge in hand was to analyze the landing page and seal the leakage. The team saw the visitors' imprints and did heat map analysis using Pagesense. They figured out a few issues that needed attention.

Zylker team asked themselves the following questions:
  • How do I know which webinar is suitable for my standard timing?
  • I'm a Zylker customer, and yet why do I need to fill in the form to register? Why is it not pre-filled?
  • Why am I seeing a completed webinar listed?

The team realized that the visitors should see only those webinars that are relevant to them, geographically. That could be the key.

So, they made tweaks to the page to list only the webinars that are relevant to the visitor's local timings. This and a few other design improvements led to improved visits-to-webinar registration ratio.

The team decluttered the page, showcased the webinar local timings for visitors and served them with pre-filled forms to register. In addition, if for some reason, the visitors were not shown their local time, they were provided the option to change the local time zone by selecting from drop-down.

There was an uptick in the webinar registrations. In the first month of implementing the change, the number of registrations doubled and the drop-offs from the landing page reduced by half.

The percentage of monthly webinar registrants against the monthly product sign-ups now stands a little north of 9%. If other aspects like lead nurturing go right, this small design tweak will lead to a revenue boost of around 12% in the Zylker books.

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        Webinars are good educational resources to gather qualified leads for your product. But what if your visitors are dropping off from your webinar landing page without signing up? What more could you do to convert visitors into registrants? This is the
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