Roster View Enhancement | Zoho Workerly

Roster View Enhancement | Zoho Workerly

We're excited to announce a significant enhancement in Zoho Workerly that makes it easier than ever to see who is assigned to your shifts. Now, instantly view the number of temps scheduled for a shift, along with their profile pictures. Simplify your scheduling process and manage your temporary workforce with ease.

When you click on the Shifts module's view by Jobs in Zoho Workerly, you'll now notice two key enhancements:

#1. Number of Temps Scheduled

Instantly see the number of temps scheduled for that shift, offering valuable insights into your workforce allocation at a glance.With profile pictures displayed directly within shift slots, you can quickly identify assigned temps and reduce scheduling errors.

#2. Profile Pictures of Assigned Temps

​Each shift slot now displays the profile picture of the first temp assigned. This visual cue makes it incredibly easy to identify who is booked for that shift, enhancing overall clarity and efficiency. In cases where multiple temps are assigned to a shift, you'll find a plus icon next to the first temp's picture. Clicking on this icon will reveal a sidebar displaying all the profile pictures of the additional temps scheduled for that job. You can easily ascertain the number of temps scheduled for each shift, aiding in better workforce planning and allocation.

For more information on utilizing this feature, reach out to our customer support team at If you have any questions or suggestions, drop a comment below.

Team Zoho Workerly