Introducing Lookup filter in Zoho CRM

Introducing Lookup filter in Zoho CRM

Dear All,
We're thrilled to talk about our much awaited enhancement to lookup fields—Lookup filter. Let's get into the details!
As you all know, lookup fields help you associate data from one module to another. You can lookup a record from module B and associate it with a record in module A. However, there could be scenarios, where you want only specific records to display while looking up. This is where the lookup filter come in to play.
Lookup filter
A lookup filter is a new property introduced to the lookup field. It enables you to define criteria, such that only the eligible records from the lookup module are listed during the lookup activity.
This paves the way to simplify record association and ensure only eligible and correct information from the database are associated.
How does it work?
As discussed earlier, a lookup filter is a new property added to the lookup field.
All you have to do is to head to the lookup field's property in the layout editor, enable Filter lookup records checkbox, and define the criteria.
Let's look at an example!
Let's say you want only active accounts to be displayed for a lookup field present in the deal module. You can create a filter criteria: Business active is selected.

Now, during deal creation, when the sales rep looks up for accounts, only the active ones are displayed.

This way, the sales rep need not rummage through an exhaustive list of records to select the active accounts.
Besides this, you can also choose to validate the filter criteria during record edit. Let's say, for an existing deal, if you'd like to validate this criteria, you enable validation and after every record edit, the filter will be validated and the record will be saved only if it fits the criteria.

Points to be noted:
  • Lookup filter is supported for the following field type: Lookup and user lookup fields.
  • Currently, the filter is not available for multi-select lookup field type.
  • The option will be available for Enterprise and Ultimate editions of Zoho CRM. 
That's all about the enhancements. Find out more about lookup filters in our help doc.
P.S. These enhancements are currently available for all users in all DCs.

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