Interview Kit

Interview Kit

We're so excited to announce the newly enhanced Interview Kit's Quick View. Incorporate efficiency into your recruitment paradigm by engaging the capabilities of Interview Kit's Quick View.

Interview Kit (Quick View)

The Quick View, a succinct rendition of a candidate's profile and interview details, can be accessed seamlessly with a click on the "Quick View" icon next to the candidate's name in the interviews list. The ensuing Quick View panel grants immediate access to a consolidated trove of pertinent details. Additionally, the search bar expedites the process of locating specific candidates. This streamlined feature aims to equip recruiters with pivotal information for informed initial assessments.

Components of the Interview Kit

Let's delve into the integral components that render the Interview Kit indispensable.

Interview Details

Interviewers: Know who will be conducting the interview and their RSVP status of everyone involved.
Schedule Comments: Refer comments added by the recruiter while scheduling before the interview starts.
Invitation Links: Quickly access the start and join links for live video interviews directly from the Quick View.

Candidate Details

Candidate Fields: Instantly view the candidate's information with a single tab switch.
Resume: Quickly view the associated candidate's resume, saving you precious time.

Interview Evaluation

Score/Rate: A comprehensive evaluation encompassing overall scores.
Decision Buttons: Prominent buttons for swift decisions – approve, schedule the next stage.
Evaluator Insights: Succinct summaries of interviewer feedback, spotlighting strengths, areas for improvement, and overall impressions.


  • Operational Efficiency: A consolidated hub minimizes the need for interface toggling.
  • Actionable Insights: Streamlined processes for follow-up interviews, feedback dissemination, and progression decisions.
  • Enhanced Clarity: An intuitive interface that crystallizes information for nuanced decision-making.

For more information on utilizing this feature, refer to our help documentation. If you have any questions or suggestions regarding this update, feel free to leave a comment below or reach out to our customer support team at

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