Issues with reschedule API

Issues with reschedule API

I am trying to use the Zoho Bookings api and am having issues with the Reschedule operation. 

I am a pro developer. I didn't have issue with other operations.

Here are my request details. it is in typescript.

Headers: { "content-type":"multipart/form-data"}

  1. const bodyData = {
  2.     "booking_id": bookingId,
  3.     "start_time": " 28-02-2024 14:00:00"
  4. }
This response would always return this, even when i played around with the start time field name and time format:
  1. {
  2.   "response": {
  3.     "returnvalue": {
  4.       "message": "Invalid staff_id or time to reschedule",
  5.       "status": "failure"
  6.     },
  7.     "status": "success"
  8.   }
  9. }

I also played around with the including the staff id. When i included that it returned a success response but the time would never change. For two hours i have tried every time format and different field name i could think of.

It would be great if someone could show me what im doing wrong or fix the issue.

Another issue which is making this more annoying is the documentation is inconsistent. the time field is `start_time` instead of `from_time` like in the book appointment action. 

In the reschedule section the parameter section shows a different time format than the curl command example.

Someone please help with this. If i can't get this working I wont be able to use zoho booking