Issues with Zoho Trident

Issues with Zoho Trident


I am having 2 problems using Zoho Trident:

1. I have set Trident as my "default email application". So when I click to "share" a document using email, Trident should automatically open a new email window with the document attached. It's not working, no new Trident email window opens. This does work when I set MS Outlook as the default email application, Outlook does open a new email.

2. If I need to edit the time or date of a scheduled meeting, I am finding that I am unable to do that within Trident. Any edits that I attempt to make to the meeting do not save in Trident.  But if I edit the meeting using Zoho calendar, or the Zoho calendar within Zoho mail it works.

I would appreciate your help fixing these issues.

Thank you,

Marc Goldberg,