Manage Timesheets effectively with Zoho Workerly

Manage Timesheets effectively with Zoho Workerly

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Manual data entry into timesheets taking all of your time? Switch over to smart timesheet management with Zoho Workerly.

Why Zoho Workerly Timesheets?

Accurate tracking of work hours spent by each temp will ensure that there is harmony between agents, temps and the clients involved. Timesheets in Zoho Workerly makes it easy to monitor and manage the number of hours spent by each of your temps. And, further makes it easier to process payment for the work put in by your temps. 

How it works?

Timesheets help maintain time logs of temps, either on a daily, weekly or monthly basis. Temps can fill their timesheets, or it can be filled by the agents who assign them their jobs. 

Create : You can create timesheets from three different modules in Zoho Workerly : Timesheets, Jobs, and Temps. Follow just three steps to create your first timesheet- select temps, add date cycle and enter log type (a log type can be either be hours or Start & End). Learn more.

Clone : Zoho Workerly allows you to clone timesheets with either the Submitted or Approved status for jobs with a daily billing cycle.

Bulk : Creating bulk timesheets for your temp workers has never been easier. Rather than creating multiple timesheets for each temp, simply select the Job Name and the temps that you want to create bulk timesheets for.

Cancel : There are chances for you to cancel a timesheet that has been submitted with a wrong time entry. With Zoho Workerly, it is more than easy for you to cancel a timesheet even after it has been approved.

Submit & Approve : Once you've finished entering data in a timesheet, you'll need to submit it so it can be approved by your assigned timesheet approvers. When a timesheet is submitted, the approver can accept or reject it. Learn more.

Zoho Workerly is a great fit for all kinds of temporary recruitment agencies, irrespective of their size or industry. It empowers agents with a simplistic job scheduling and time-recording system.

Please do give this feature a try and share your feedback with us. Should you have any queries or questions, please do feel free to reach out to us. You can post your questions in the comments below or send us an email at

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