Meeting vs Zoom and why we are moving

Meeting vs Zoom and why we are moving

Dear Meeting team, 
                                 I want to share my thoughts on Meeting vs Zoom and explain why we are moving back to Zoom for all our video conferencing, even though it is part of our Zoho One Subscription.

1). Video & Audio quality - We see a significant downgrade in video quality when using Meeting vs Zoom, even when using the same internet connections.  Meeting video is blurry and not sharp compared to Zoom.  Audio is also hit and miss on Meeting with frequent drop outs and we find ourselves asking for participants to repeat themselves frequently.  Zoom audio is much crisper and clearer.  We also see much more video lag and freezing vs Zoom.

2) Facebook live integration - This is a huge one for us, but I appreciate that it is probably a minor point for most businesses.  Without FB live integration we still have to maintain a Zoom account anyway, hence why it is no issue for us to shift back.  This is more of a heads up that these features create stickiness and make it more difficult to shift to other solutions like Meeting.

3) Whiteboard - This is a Zoom feature that is hugely useful and is something we use all the time during demos and webinars.

We have been trialling using Meeting as our meeting and webinar software since March, but have come to the conclusion that it is not ready to replace Zoom for the above reasons.  

I would like to say that the integration with other Zoho apps is great and to have full visibility of webinars and meetings in CRM is something we will miss (as well as being able to automatically book an online meeting from Bookings - I know Zoom integration is coming).

In closing, Meeting has grown and added features over the past few months, but it still lags significantly behind the leader in our opinion.  

Best Regards,


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