Methods to assign a follower to a task automatically? API?

Methods to assign a follower to a task automatically? API?

Hi Zoho Team + Community,

We developed a method to use Zoho's Project API to create tickets in to our ticketing system automatically, it's been a great achievement for us!

The only issue we have is that it centers around the API account being a "follower" to a the task, Is there a way to have an automatic follower set for all current and new tasks to have a pre-set follower? We experimented with following a Tasklist and new tasks under that Tasklist do not seem to work. Any option would be very helpful.

i do see it as a nested JSON object:
"tasks": [
            "task_followers": {
                "FOLUSERS": "",
                "FOLLOWERSIZE": -1,
                "FOLLOWERS": []

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