Motivator game does not "give" points automatically

Motivator game does not "give" points automatically

Hi, good afternoon.

I currently have 2 motivator games running monthly.

One game is for every deal created, what this game does is give a point every time a deal is created to the agent that creates the deal. The deals are created using the "convert" function of a lead, every time we convert a lead to contact we also create a deal for that same contact. This game gives the points atumatically to every agent that creates new deals.

On the other hand, the second game we created is to check when a deal is set to "closed won" it should give a point to the deal owner, but for some reason, this game does not add points to the agents. Every time we set a deal as closed won, I have to manually go to the game, Click on the "edit" button of the game and then just click "Save" so the game can "Recalculate" how many points each agent has, while the first game that tracks how many deals are created is giving points automatically.

The kpi that I use with the game to track the deals set as "closed won" works correctly and it shows how many points each agent has, it is only the game the one that is not showing the points until I manually refresh it.

I already reached support 3 times, and they told me that this "closed won" game is supposed to be like that, and I need to manually update it every time I set a deal as closed won. but having the other game doing everything correctly this answer does not make any sense to me.

Can you please confirm if I really will have to be updating the game manually all the time?

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