New options to store, send, and sign merged documents with Writer's Zapier integration

New options to store, send, and sign merged documents with Writer's Zapier integration

Hi Zoho Writer users,


We've added new capabilities to the Zoho Writer and Zapier integration. You can now automate more operations to further enhance productivity.

Here are the highlights of this update:


  1. Merge and Store


Generate customized documents in bulk with data from your desired application and store them in the required folder in Zoho WorkDrive.

Let's say you want to generate offer letters for new recruits to your organization and you're adding their names and roles in a sheet. Connect the sheet and Zoho Writer with the action as Merge and Store and generate offer letters in bulk for each new entry in the sheet and store them in the preferred location in Zoho WorkDrive.

  1. Merge and Sign


Generate documents and send them for eSignature collection with this new action. You can set signing options such as approve, sign, or in-person signature, choose the signing language for your recipients, and even share private notes with them.

Consider a scenario where you want to use CRM data to generate purchase orders and send them to customers for digital signature collection. You can now easily connect your CRM with Zoho Writer, using this action, to automatically generate and send POs for signing.

  1. Send for Signature


Collect eSignatures securely with this action in the Zapier extension. You can set up automated workflows to easily send contracts and other documents for signing, track their status, specify signing languages, and more.


    4. Create documents


You can now swiftly create documents in two ways:


  • Upload document with text: Create a document using the given content.

  • Upload document with URL: Create a document with the content at the given URL.


    5. More options in Merge and Send via Webhook


You can specify the output options more precisely using these new functions:


  • Merge To: Create a separate document for each record in your data source or create one document for all records with this value.

  • Invoke Period: Post documents to the destination after each record is merged or when the merged has been completed for all records.


Try the latest version of Zoho Writer for Zapier and share your suggestions and feedback in the comments below or email us at


Until next time,

Happy writing!