New updates and improvements in Zoho Checkout - March 2017.

New updates and improvements in Zoho Checkout - March 2017.

Hello everyone,

As we've completed one month of Zoho Checkout's successful launch, we're constantly making small tweaks and improvements to the overall usability and security of the payment pages.

Let donors choose the donation frequency

To start off with the updates, we've added the functionality for the payers to choose the payment frequency at the time of checkout. This can particularly be useful for non-profits and donation businesses, where the donor will have full control over not just the amount, but the donation frequency as well.


This option can be enabled by the merchants at the time of payment page creation. To do so, follow these steps:


  • While creating a new payment page, choose Recurring as your payment frequency.

  • Check the box that says 'Customer decides at Checkout'.



We've also added the ability to enable Captcha on your payment pages, so that you can avoid fraudulent transactions and step up your payment security by an extra notch.


You can enable or disable this option in the payment page template settings. To do so, follow the steps below:


  • Click on the Settings icon and select Templates.

  • Under Templates, go to your selected template and navigate to Page Properties.

  • Scroll to the bottom, and check the option to enable captcha.

You can find more donation specific features like these by visiting our non-profits page. :)