Notes & Groups vanishing completely

Notes & Groups vanishing completely

I have been facing this problem for a quite some time. Some of my notes have vanished before for no reason and i never saw them again, i didn't pay it too much attention as those notes weren't something of much value. However yesterday a Group of my important notes have vanished and I am quite furious. I have searched every notebook and even in the trash folder. It's nowhere to be found. 

Now is there a solution to this problem other than changing my note platform?

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      • Migrate your Notebook data to the new, mobile Notebook.

        Zoho Notebook is transforming. The new version will include exciting new features and a completely new user experience. The initial version will be mobile based, available for Android and iOS. A new web version will be available after the initial mobile release.   With the release of the new Notebook approaching, we're migrating most of your current data to the new version. Once the new version is released, there will be an additional window to migrate your data. We will not provide access to the