Org edit and details view - Bigin - Android

Org edit and details view - Bigin - Android

Hello everyone,

In the most recent update of the Android version of the Bigin app (v1.6.10), we have included support for the functionalities mentioned below:

1. Edit and view organisational details

This functionality allows you to edit and view the details of your respective organisation directly from within the Bigin mobile app.

To access the organisation details view, navigate to the 'Settings' (gear icon) module within the Bigin mobile app > Tap the 'i' icon.

You can edit the organisation details by selecting the 'Edit' (pencil icon) option that appears once you open the organisational details view.

Please refer to the screenshots below:

Note: Only admin users can edit the organisation's details, while users with other profiles are limited to viewing the details within the app.

2. Contacts and Companies Modules split:

Previously, the Companies module was integrated into the Contacts module as a tab within the layout. However, now we have separated the Companies module, giving it its own distinct module.

Please refer to the screenshot depicted below: 

To get your hands on these features, please updated the app to its latest version by using the link provided below:

Bigin mobile app - Play Store

Should you require any assistance with the app, kindly reach out to us at, and we will get right back to you.

Good day!