"Paste without Formatting" Feature Needed

"Paste without Formatting" Feature Needed

I would like to request that Zoho Show developers allow us to paste text without formatting, in addition to the existing paste-with-formatting feature.

If my memory serves me right, without-formatting was the default behavior for text pasting in Zoho Show in the past, but now it seems that with-formatting has taken its place. I am perfectly aware that there are many scenarios where the with behavior makes sense and is therefore desirable; I am just arguing there are also other scenarios where the without behavior is desirable.   

Currently I use this workaround: I first copy-and-paste rich text into a plain text editor (e.g., NotePad app on Windows) to remove formatting, and then copy that plain text into Zoho Show. If you could give us an option of pasting-without-formatting, perhaps in the context menu, then that would eliminate the need for this workaround. 

I would appreciate it very much if you could implement this feature.



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