Power of Automation - Automate the creation of tickets in Zoho Desk when an issue in created in Zoho Projects

Power of Automation - Automate the creation of tickets in Zoho Desk when an issue in created in Zoho Projects

A custom function is a software code that can be used to automate a process and this allows you to automate a notification, call a webhook, or perform logic immediately after a workflow rule is triggered. This feature helps to automate complex tasks and calculations.

This will help in integrating Zoho Projects with other Zoho Apps & third party applications. 

Let us take the below User Requirement - 

Customer would like to create a ticket in Zoho Desk when an issue is created in Zoho Projects

The code below will help you to achieve the above requirement. 

Note:: Please refer this post to access custom function feature within Zoho Projects. 

// TODO: Please create a connection for the Zoho Projects service with the scopes "Desk.tickets.ALL". Replace 'connection' with the connection name. Click this link below to learn how to create the connection.

// Link - https://help.zoho.com/portal/en/kb/projects/integration/connections/articles/connections-23-5-2022#How_to_establish_a_Connection

recordValue = {"subject":"Create ticket","departmentId":"********","contactId":"*******"};

response = zoho.desk.create("OrgId","tickets",recordValue,"connection");

Creating custom functions in Zoho Projects is straightforward and well-documented. Zoho provides a range of built-in functions that you can use as a starting point, and you can also easily define your own functions using Zoho's scripting language, Deluge. Give it a try and see how it can save your time and boost your productivity!


Watch this space for more such custom function codes. 

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