Problem with Custom Rules for Calls Created KPI

Problem with Custom Rules for Calls Created KPI


I’m evaluating Zoho Motivator for our team. 

I need a KPI for calls created. This exists as a default KPI. I want to set a parameter for the KPI so that it only counts calls for a certain length or longer in order to discount calls that were quick hangups, etc. However when I add the under “Other Custom Rules” > Call Duration > Greater than Or Equal > 1 — the results in the target show the user making 0 calls longer than 1 second. However, as I look through her call record she’s made over 20 calls today over 1 second. If I remove the rule it shows that she’s made 27 calls, some of which were <1 second and were not legitimate calls.

Can you help me figure out why the custom rule is not working?



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