Rename Record Summary PDF in SendMail task

Rename Record Summary PDF in SendMail task

So I've been tasked with renaming a record summary PDF to be sent as part of a sendmail task. Normally I would offer the manual solution, a user exports the PDF and uploads it to a file upload field, however this is not acceptable to the client in this instance.

So I decided to try another solution where I send the PDF via a sendmail to another form, then fetch the file via a GET API request and rename the file and then send it via a sendmail but it doesen't work "On Add -> On Success", however if I manually update the record then it will work.

It finally worked when I used a schedule to trigger the GET request and then send the renamed file.

I'm beyond frustrated at this point. I've had to waste 2 hours on something which should be as simple as declaring a variable to rename the summary template in the sendmail task.

@Support: Please fix this, it's something which is constantly being asked for and I know it's not high on your agenda but on days like today I wish ye could just fix these niggling little things to make life just a little easier than jumping through all these hoops.

Thanks for listening.