Sector Spotlight July 2023: Connect, Learn, and Thrive!

Sector Spotlight July 2023: Connect, Learn, and Thrive!

Hello folks!
You might be aware of the several Zoho User Groups (ZUGs) created in the community as per the industry segmentation. We have currently eight such interest-based ZUGs active. In this post, I would like to update the community on the happenings in four out of these eight groups.

Small Business ZUG:

The Small Business Group has met virtually four times so far in 2023 to discuss various aspects of Zoho applications - email marketing, CRM automation, inventory management, and so on. The discussions have always been fueled by insights from group members like LaVerne Cox, Chris Kiadii, Thad Leingang, Nicole Collins, and more. 
Recently, the group discussed the Zoho Calendar feature and how it can be difficult for some to sync Zoho Calendar with their native calendars. Taking a cue from this discussion, we decided to talk about Zoho Calendar and Zoho Voice for our next virtual meet-up. 
The meetup is scheduled on 20th July and if this topic piques your interest, feel free to join us by registering for the meetup.

Education ZUG:

The benefits of email marketing (Zoho Campaigns) and customizing templated applications to fit the needs of educational institutes (Zoho Creator) were the topics that the Education group had the chance to discuss.

The group is on stand-by as we're excited to bring our next meetup to them. Scheduled on the 25th of July, we'll have folks from Zoho Projects to help us implement project management software in educational settings.

If your calendar allows it, consider joining us for the meetup. We'd love to hear your thoughts and ideas.


Tourism ZUG:

The Tourism Group actively participated in two meetups where they discussed: 1. Customer data management on a CRM and 2. Engaging with prospects and customers via email marketing campaigns. 
Thanks to the suggestions from group members Ariel, Donnetta, Basil, Betsy, and more, we put together these meetups for others to benefit from. The next leg of these meetups will begin on the 26th of July with the topic of interest being Zoho SalesIQ.
These free virtual meetups provide an avenue for you to engage with experts from Zoho and interact with peers. If you're from the tourism industry, feel free to join us in our discussion.

Healthcare ZUG:

Earlier this year, the healthcare group met to discuss digital signatures (Zoho Sign) and online appointment booking (Zoho Bookings). The group is set to meet again on the 27th of July, and this time to discuss Zoho Creator.
During our discussion on Zoho Bookings, an intriguing topic emerged. It was regarding the utilization of scheduling software by clinics providing ultrasound scans for pregnant women. We brainstormed some workarounds and engaged in a thorough discussion on the subject.
So, if you are stuck with a hyper-specific requirement that needs a more than just generic software, consider joining us virtually for our next meetup.

How Can You Shape These Meetings?

All these meetups mentioned above took place because the members either had suggestions about these products, had certain doubts related to them, or wanted to learn about the product. If you wish to have a meeting based on your idea, just drop it in the group. We'll be elated to organize a meetup based on it!

Let's Talk!

If you belong to any of these industries and wish to join, please email us at . If you're interested in an industry not mentioned above, feel free to leave a comment below, and if there is sufficient interest, we will be happy to arrange meetups for additional sectors.

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