Sector Spotlight - October 2023: Newsletter on the Industry-based ZUGs

Sector Spotlight - October 2023: Newsletter on the Industry-based ZUGs

Hello, folks!


At the heart of the Zoho Community, we're dedicated to making your Zoho applications work their best for you. To achieve this, we've introduced something special—industry-based groups, also known as Zoho User Groups or ZUGs. These groups open doors to connect with experts and peers in your field through our monthly virtual meetups.


So far, we've ventured into eight different industries, and I'd like to share some highlights from four of these groups that met in October:


Tourism ZUG:


We gathered with our Tourism ZUG on October 17th. Our discussion revolved around setting up Zoho CRM for your travel and tourism business, starting with customizing modules and fields. And to ensure you're on top of your website visitors, we explored the integration between Zoho CRM and Zoho SalesIQ.


Not only that, we guided our users through setting up automated workflows in your CRM to generate quotes, itineraries, and invoices. We also covered managing trips directly within your CRM. We briefly touched upon Zoho Checkout to handle your payments as well.


Though we have an agenda for these meetups, what sets these community gatherings apart is our flexibility; we let our users steer the discussion, creating a truly conversational experience.


Law Firms ZUG:


The Law Firms ZUG had its inaugural meeting on October 24th. This gathering proved to be one of the most engaging meetups we've had in a while, and, of course, it's no surprise considering they're lawyers!


We discussed various aspects of a legal firm's workflows, including customizing Zoho CRM, setting up custom reminder emails, scheduling appointments, sharing confidential documents, e-signatures, and much more. The products discussed included Zoho CRM, Sign, Bookings, Workdrive, Projects, and Voice.


We delved deeper into the intricacies of workflows in the legal sector, understanding how data flows between multiple applications, thanks to the suggestions from our users. We want to thank Troy, Antoinette, Molly, and our partner Jason for their valuable input.


Education ZUG:


During our Education ZUG meetup on October 26th, we simplified the agenda to focus on the core aspects. Our discussion revolved around the holistic management of educational institutions using Zoho CRM. This encompassed lead management, student and teacher records, and course administration.


We also explored the practicalities of handling student assignments with the Zoho Workdrive extension. Furthermore, we delved into the creation of student portals for progress tracking and the streamlined process of issuing course certifications directly from CRM.


Small Business ZUG:


On October 27th, our Small Business ZUG meetup delved into email marketing and the effective ways to implement it using Zoho Campaigns. We explored the integration between Zoho CRM and Zoho Campaigns to ensure you stay connected with your leads. Additionally, we discussed the process of syncing your leads and contacts within your Campaigns, along with the associated nuances.


We went deeper into workflows and drip email campaigns, revealing the art of task automation for enhanced customer outreach. We also shared insights and best practices for email marketing, covering topics such as campaign timing, diverse content styles, content optimization for increased appeal, and more.


During our meetup, we were inundated with questions—an issue we'd welcome frequently!


Upcoming meetups:


We have a few more meetups down the line for November. Take a look at them here, and if they interest you, register to save yourself a virtual spot!


How Can You Shape These Meetings?


All these meetups mentioned above took place because the members either had suggestions about these products, had certain doubts related to them, or wanted to learn about the product. If you wish to have a meeting based on your idea, just drop it in the group. We'll be elated to organize a meetup based on it!


Let's Talk!


If you belong to any of these industries and wish to join, please email us at If you're interested in an industry not mentioned above, feel free to leave a comment below, and if there is enough interest, we will gladly organize meetups for additional sectors.

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