Spotlight #2: The Checklist extension for Zoho Projects

Spotlight #2: The Checklist extension for Zoho Projects

Hola, folks!
The extension in the spotlight for this fortnight will be Checklist for Zoho Projects. We recommend using its latest version if you have not updated it yet.
Things you can do with this extension:
  • Create instantaneous to-do lists for your tasks and issues in Zoho Projects
  • Create checklist templatesnew
  • Convert an existing checklist into a templatenew
  • Reduce the number of subtasks required for a work item
  • Include checklists in your project templates and save more time. Refer to this extension's help guide here.

We would love to hear from you about this extension and how useful it is for your business. You can comment in this thread or write to us at and it's not over yet! :)

There is also a small announcement that we would like to make in line with our previous post. Yes, we have supported a few more locations to help you build more apps. Here's a summary of all the locations that we support now:
  • Top band or the Top navigation bar new  This location can be used to render an extension that functions at the org level. For example, to create checklist templates for your organization, you have to access the Checklist extension from the top navigation bar and configure the templates. 

  • Project tab new  - You can render an extension as a module in your project. For example, we have implemented a  Tasklist extension where you can manage your task lists like how you manage your tasks and milestones.

  • Attachment picker new - You can attach your files directly from your Google Drive across Zoho Projects. Wherever you see an attachment icon, you get to access your GDrive account. It is that simple!

  • Task right-side panel new - Extensions like  Harvest Cliq , and  Zoho Meeting show up inside the right panel of a task's detail page.
  • Issue right-side panel new   - Extensions like  Zoho Assist and  Cliq show up inside the right panel of an issue's detail page.

  • Task details page - You can render your app as the last tab in a task's details page. For example, the  Checklist Google Drive , and  Zendesk extensions show up here. You can create to-do lists for a task, attach files from your Google account to the task, and associate a Zendesk ticket with your task respectively. 
  • Issue details page - You can render your app as the last tab in an issue's details page. You can access the  Checklist Google Drive , and  Zendesk extensions for an issue like how you did for the tasks.

  • Extension settings page - This location can be used to receive more input from the user. It could be a configuration of the extension or any other functionality that will improve the performance of the extension.

We will see you soon with another extension next time :)  

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