Spotlight Series #10: Create professional slides with Show's Gallery

Spotlight Series #10: Create professional slides with Show's Gallery

Hello everyone!

The feature in the spotlight this month is Show's Gallery.

Creating consistent slides across a presentation can be quite a task. Show's Gallery helps you design professional slides effortlessly. With the various templates, themes, and slide designs stored in the Gallery, you don't have to create a presentation from scratch anymore. All you have to do is select a theme, template, or slide design to easily create a visually engaging slideshow.

How do you create presentations using the Gallery?

Click New Presentation in the left pane of Show's listing page. Show offers various themes, templates, and slide designs across different categories to help you create professional-looking slides.

About themes:

Themes are differentiated as wide (16:9) or normal (4:3). Each theme is customized with unique fonts and a set of color schemes. On selecting a theme, you can preview its appearance in the right pane. You can choose to change the font and colors then, or anytime, using the slide master.

About templates:

Show provides template categories that suit both business and personal needs. Choose from categories, like industry, HR, Personal, Business, Marketing, Education, Technology, Student, Project Management, and Sales. Each template comes with a set of slides that can be customized to your requirements. 

You can preview the slides in the right pane of the listing page and click Choose Template at the bottom of the right pane to select your template. It is not mandatory to use all the slides in a template. You can add or remove them as required.

About slide designs:

Individual slide designs are categorized into Cover, Content, Comparison, Image, Quote, and End slides. You can navigate to the categories and click on the required slide to select it. Selected slides can be previewed in the right pane. Click the X icon in the right corner of the thumbnail to remove the selected slide. Once selected, you can then click Choose Slides.

Can I add or change a template, theme, or a slide design while working on a presentation?

You can add individual slide designs and change the themes of your presentation anytime. However, once selected, you cannot change the template.

Is Gallery available for offline use?

Yes. You can access the Gallery without the internet. You can make themes, slides, and templates available offline, and use them to create presentations. By default, the whitepaper theme is available for offline use.

Is Gallery available in Show mobile apps?

Yes. Themes, templates, and slide designs are available in Show's iOS and Android apps. 

Learn how to create presentations with Show's Gallery in the web app, iOS app, and Android app.