Spotlight series #13: Bring your presentations to life with slide transitions

Spotlight series #13: Bring your presentations to life with slide transitions

Hello everyone,

The feature in the spotlight this month is Slide Transition

The goal of any presentation is to keep your audience engaged. While visuals help you create compelling stories, adding effects to your slides elevates your presentation design. Slide Transition is an effect that makes your presentations more dynamic and helps you maintain the flow of your speech while presenting.

What is Slide Transition?

Slide transitions are effects that activate when you move from one slide to the next during a presentation. Often confused with animations, which are effects added to various slide elements (such as text, images, or shapes), slide transitions appear during the movement between slides.

Slide transitions in Show

In Show, there are three types of slide transitions: Serene, Flare, and Zing. Each includes a variety of related transition effects. As the name suggests, Serene transitions are more minimal and calm. They are widely used in business presentations. Flare adds a bouncy effect to your slides, giving the presentation a dramatic feel. Zing delivers swift and rapid movement, making your presentations more lively.  

What else can you do?

You can customize a transition's speed and direction, and choose when the transition will play.

Use the duration slider or enter the duration manually next to the slider to adjust the speed of the transition. You can alter the direction of the transition using the drop-down menu within the transition pane. Plus, you can use the Advance After option to decide when the slide transition will play—on click or after a specified duration.

If you select a transition and would like to use it throughout your slideshow, you can use the Apply to All Slides option. 

Click to learn how to apply, edit or preview and delete slide transitions.