Spotlight series : Slideshow formatting options

Spotlight series : Slideshow formatting options

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Before you present your deck, check out Show's slideshow formatting options to enhance your presentation.

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The feature in the spotlight for this month is "Slideshow formatting options". 

How is slide formatting different from slideshow formatting?

While formatting a slide makes it visually organized, formatting a slideshow adds an extra flair to your presentation. The options range from adding music for a strong impression to adding extra notes to help your audience comprehend information better. You can also perform last-minute changes to your deck, like disabling animations or slide transitions, or playing the presentation on loop—all under one tab!

Where can you access slideshow formatting settings in Show?

In the right pane of any presentation within the Format section you will find Slideshow. Below, we'll go over some of the most useful options.

Slideshow setup

If you are planning to display your presentation in a trade show and want to run it on an endless loop you can check Loop Slideshow

Similarly, if you have animated objects and slide transitions in a presentation and decide to remove them, you don't need to go to every slide and update the changes. By checking Disable transition and Disable animations for objects, you can instantly apply those settings to the entire presentation.

Playback audio

Background audio elevates the presentation and helps set the desired tone. This can be music that compliments your deck or a narrative audio track that explains your slides. With the playback audio option you can add an audio file by either recording audio directly in the Show app, uploading an audio file from your device, or picking an audio file from WorkDrive.

Custom slideshow

Creating multiple versions of the same slide deck can be a tedious process. Show lets you quickly customize presentations for different audiences by using only selected slides. Hover across the slides or drag and drop them to create any number of custom slideshows from a single deck.


Let's say you are publishing a presentation on your website and want to provide extra information to your audience. You can add explanations to provide clarity on the slides. Don't forget to check Add explanation before you publish your presentation to make the notes visible to your audience.  

Check out the Zoho Show knowledge base to learn more about how to create, format, and deliver slideshows with our web, iOS, and Android apps.