Spotlight series #3: Create uniform presentations with Show's font library

Spotlight series #3: Create uniform presentations with Show's font library

Hello everyone!


We're back with another Zoho Show feature in the spotlight.


Imagine this: 


An IT company is holding their annual performance review. The event organizer is putting together slides from different departments for the presentation. While compiling, she notices that each department's slides use different font styles, rendering the resulting presentation inconsistent. She's looking for a way to ensure that every department adheres to the brand's style guidelines.


Enter Zoho Show's Library feature.


What is the Zoho Show library?


Show's library is a central repository to store all your company's design elements. This ensures consistency in all presentations created across departments. Teams can save time by reusing and repurposing these design elements.


By default, all your employees are members of the library. Admins and super admins can choose to assign admin and editor-level access to the members.


Does the library include fonts?


Yes! In addition to slides and templates, the library now includes fonts. With the font library, you can add any authorized font to your team's library. This helps you create consistent and uniform presentations across the company.


How do you add fonts to the font library?


After you log in to Show, click Library in the left pane of the main page and select Fonts from within the window. Then select Add Font to upload the font file from your local drive.


Are there any restrictions?

Only the owner or the person licensed to use a particular font is authorized to add it to the library. The font file must be in TTF or OTF formats. It must also be zipped, and no larger than 20 MB.  


Can everyone add fonts to the library?


While all super admins, admins, and editors can contribute fonts to the library, the editors' additions are subject to the super admin or admin's approval.


Is there anything else you should know?


If a member is removed from your organization, they will not have access to the library. If they have used any font from the library for their presentations, it will be restored to the theme's default font style.



To learn more about Show's Library, click here.