Spotlight series #4: Efficiently collaborate with your team using Zoho Show

Spotlight series #4: Efficiently collaborate with your team using Zoho Show

Hello everyone!


We're back with another Zoho Show feature in the spotlight.

Online collaboration has become a necessity. Even with the way the pandemic has changed working environments, collaboration helps save time and ensure that tasks are completed seamlessly. With Zoho Show you can work with your team on presentations in real time. Show's "Invite Collaborator" feature helps you overcome the limitations of your work environment and efficiently create slide decks with your team.


What is Invite Collaborator?


The Invite Collaborator feature helps you share your presentation with your team so you can work on it together, at the same time, regardless of where you're located.


How do you share a presentation with your team?


Open the presentation. From the top right of the main interface click Share, and select Invite Collaborator. You can either add the email addresses of your team members or copy the permalink and share it with them. They will now be able to access your presentation.


Can you set permissions for your team?


With Show, you can assign different access levels to collaborators at the time of sharing your presentation. The access levels are:


Share: The collaborator can share, edit, and comment on the presentation.

Edit: The collaborator can edit and comment on the presentation.

View and comment: The collaborator can view and comment on the presentation.

View: The collaborator can only view the presentation.




How do you know who is working on a slide?


Zoho Show offers real-time collaboration. You'll be able to view changes as they're made by collaborators.


Can you have discussions about a slide?

You can discuss ideas and suggest changes for every element of a slide with Show's contextual commenting.


Let's say you want to recommend changes to a certain image on a slide. You can either:


  1. Click the image, choose REVIEW from the right pane, and select Comments (or)

  2. Click the REVIEW tab, choose Comments, and click on the image (or)

  3. Right click the image and select Add Comment.


You can notify your collaborators using the @ symbol followed by their name or email address. You can change your font color and add emojis to your comments.


What if you do not want your team to access a slide that you are working on?


You can lock your slide! Collaborators will not have access to the slide until you choose to unlock it.


In the left pane of the editor interface, you will be able to view the slides as thumbnails. Right click on a thumbnail and choose Lock Slide. To unlock it, click on the lock icon in the bottom-right corner of the thumbnail.


You can also go to the right pane, select FORMAT, and check the Lock Slide switch to lock and unlock the selected slide. 



Can you lock an entire presentation?


Collaborators with Share access can lock an entire presentation with the Check Out option. When you check out, your collaborators will be able to view the latest version of your presentation, but not make changes. You can use the Check In option to make the presentation available for collaborators to work on.


To lock and unlock your presentation, select Share and choose Check Out to lock your presentation and Check In to unlock it.


When collaborators open a presentation, they will receive an alert if it is locked, and another alert when it is made available for collaboration.

Is there anything else you should know?


To see if your team members are online or offline, click the Collaborators icon next to SHARE.

When you work together, you work faster!


We hope you found this article helpful. Watch this space for interesting product updates, tips and tricks, and more!


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