Spotlight series #6: The Show app for Android TV has a new look!

Spotlight series #6: The Show app for Android TV has a new look!

Hello everyone!

We are delighted to introduce our revamped and redesigned Show app for Android TV. 

Smart TVs are exploding in popularity. Android TV alone has over 110 million active monthly devices. Zoho Show, as part of a constant effort to improve your presentation experience, has redesigned Show's Android TV app. 

What is the Show app for Android TV?

With the Show app for Android TV, you can view, sort, and play slideshows on your television screen. Use the Show app for Android TV to deliver your presentations anywhere—from team meetings to kiosk events.

How do you access the app?

Install the Show app on your Android TV from the Play Store.  Once you log in to the app, you'll view a verification code on your television that you can authenticate from your computer or tablet. Then, you're all set to enjoy your presentation experience.

How do you play your slideshows?

You can use your mobile device or your remote control to present your slideshow. Once you have selected your presentation, click the OK button on your Android TV remote to play.

How do you search for a presentation?

Your presentations are categorized into Recents, My Presentations, Shared with me, and Offline Presentations. You can enter a keyword in the search bar or use the voice icon to search for your preferred presentation.

Can you play slides on a loop?

Yes. Navigate to Settings, choose Slideshow Settings, and select Auto Play. Your presentations will play continuously without manual intervention. 

What if there is no internet connection?

You can make a presentation available offline so you can access it even if you don't have an internet connection. To make a presentation available for offline use, long press the OK button on your remote and select Make Available Offline. Remember that offline presentations are device specific. So, if you create an offline presentation on a specific device, you must use that device to view the presentation. 

We hope you found this article helpful. Watch this space for interesting product updates, tips and tricks, and more!