Spotlight series #7: Path animation

Spotlight series #7: Path animation

Animating objects on your slide helps make your presentations lively and interesting. Animations add movement to an otherwise static deck, which helps grab your audience's attention. While you can animate your objects' entry and exit, or use animation to emphasize the object on your slide, path animation guides your object along a motion path.

How do you create path animation?

Click on your object. In the right pane, click ANIMATE. Choose Path and click Add Animations.

Can you create your own path?

Yes. Path animation has predefined motion paths categorized as Line, Curve, and Squiggles. To draw your own paths, simply click Create your own path.

How do you edit the points in a path animation?

Select a path animation. Click Edit Points in the right pane, and drag the points to customize the path. The start point and end point will be displayed in the colors green and red respectively, and the other points will be displayed in blue.

Can you resize the animation?

Yes. Click on the path, choose Scale Path, and use the pointers to resize the motion path. You can also set a duration for your animations in order to maintain uniformity across the presentation.

How do you change the angle of the animated object?

Click the animated path. Use the Stay angled along the path switch to change the object's angle on the motion path. When the switch is turned on, you can choose to return the object to its original angle by checking the Return back to original angle box. If you turn the Stay angled along the path switch off, the animated object will remain upright.

Can you change the order of animations?

When you have multiple animations, they will be numbered according to the order in which they will play. To reorder the animations, select the motion path and click Animation Order at the bottom of the right pane. Now, drag and drop to reorder the animations. You can set the duration of each animation, and decide how much time will pass between the first and second animations.

Is there anything else you should know?

If you have text within a shape and would like it to be animated, select the shape and click Animate attached shape in the right pane. Please note, this option is only available if your text is in a shape.

To learn more about path animations, click here.

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