Sprints 2.0 Clearly not ready for primetime!

Sprints 2.0 Clearly not ready for primetime!

We've attempted to switch to the new Sprints 2 release but it's clearly not ready for real world use!

Here's a few of the issues:
  1. Cannot Log Hours against tasks/stories - How is this even possible?
  2. New SheetView doesn't work - Apparently it's to do with custom domains
  3. Cannot edit Project Custom status, the Edit button simply doesn't do anything
  4. Cannot open Sprints 2 from Zoho One,  it just generates an Oops message
  5. Using the 'Need Help' / Support Option generates a slide out card that cannot be closed and you have to refresh your browser to remove it
These are likely just scratching the surface, but not being able to log hours is a fundamental requirement!
We've logged tickets for these and provided videos when requested, so hopefully these will get resolved.

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