Suggestions for Improvement

Suggestions for Improvement

Just switched from Evernote, am liking Zoho Notebook so far, but a few things are to be desired, IMO…minor things, mostly formatting, but nonetheless thought I’d offer the suggestions:

1. Regarding checklists:
a. Upon checking the box, would be nice for the text to convert to strikethrough (or at least make this an option).
b. Would be nice for the checkbox to be in line with the top line of text as opposed to in the middle of a given text string (again, or as an option to make it this way).
c. Ability to check boxes without entering “edit not” mode. Essentially, I don’t want to edit the note except for checking the box, no need to open the entire note ready for editing. I suggest to open “edit mode” when I click on another part of the note except for the checkbox.

2. PDFs - Integrate PDFs within notes as opposed to standalone notes. I noticed on another suggestion post that this is in the works. Great!

Thanks for considering these suggestions! FYI, as you probably know, Evernote is running users off by basically making them pay hefty subscriptions ($78+/yr), so would be a good time for this Zoho Notebook app to capitalize on this. Your “migrate from Evernote” option was great!!

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