The most awaited Client Portal is now live!

The most awaited Client Portal is now live!

We're here with one of the biggest features for Zoho Workerly— Client Portal.
While many still feel emails and video conferencing tools are an excellent way to communicate with clients, the nuance of email and the consequent loss of productivity has led to many businesses moving towards cloud-based client portals to improve their workflow and share content with their clients.
Say goodbye to clogged email and lengthy chat threads.
For those who are new to the concept, a client portal is a platform that allows you to work with external clients swiftly and share resources with them efficiently.

But why use a client portal? Simple! It is

  • Quick and easy to setup
  • Easy to invite your clients
  • The most efficient way to communicate with clients

How does it work?

Enable the portal and start inviting your clients. In Zoho Workerly's Client Portal, your clients will be able to view temps' shifts and their timesheets.

Your clients will also be able to create timesheets on behalf of the temps, reject, and approve them.

This way, communication between your org and the client is streamlined and everything is in one place.
We're on our toes to bring more such features that make your staffing operations a breeze. Until next time!
Got questions about the client portal? Suggestions? Write to us at or drop them as a comment below.

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