Tighter integration of the zoho wiki with zoho projects

Tighter integration of the zoho wiki with zoho projects


Congratulations on a great product !

I'm part of a small software startup, which does cross platform client and server development. We've been evaluating project management software that is "low touch" (translation- NOT MS project :).. And have looked at various web based web 2.0 services so far - (Active collab, basecamp, celoxis, to name a few).

You're definitely on the short list of vendors for our ongoing needs. There is one thing that I haven't been able to do using your very nice UI, and that is embed project tasks (and milestones) from your wiki. We have an internal wiki at my company (powered by mediaWiki), that is used to keep track of our road map. It would be great to be able to embed to the wiki and zoho projects. In an ideal world, our engineers would be able to very quickly add and edit project tasks from within the wiki, but just making the project tasks embeddable would be great for now.

I look forward to hearing back from you.