Timelogs are inconsistent

Timelogs are inconsistent

We have team members charging time through Zoho Projects and once submitted the timelogs show up on the calendar but not the list view - as if the information disappears. We have found that in the Old Version that time is missing as if not submitted. In the new version, the hours show up in calendar view but disappear in list view. Not sure why this is happening given the time being logged to the same project and task and is inconsistent (the next week shows up fine).

Screenshot 1 shows timesheet in calendar view in Old Version which shows fewer days with logged hours and a smaller total. Screenshot 2 is the same timesheet, month, user in the New Version - you can see they are inconsistent. Screenshot 3 shows the detail when clicking into one of the inconsistent days showing the actual time log appears to be empty which implies it isn't in fact holding that time entry. Screenshots 4 and 5 show new and old version in List View - which have the same total hours, supporting last statement.

Also, I am currently unable to switch to the Old Version (on a mac) so colleague had to take these screenshots,... separate problem but equally annoying.

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