Tiny Tip Tuesday #34

Tiny Tip Tuesday #34

Save and Continue Later

In the previous tip, we spoke about how to get the NPS calculation done.

Now let's say, your respondent wants to leave the survey before answering all the questions, or closed the survey window by mistake. What happens to the responses they already entered? Will they have to do it all over again? Of course not. The Save and Continue Later feature comes to the rescue!

Here's everything you need to know about it:

  1. Your respondents now have the freedom to leave surveys midway and continue later from where they left off.
  2. It saves their survey progress, so users can continue the survey at their leisure, without losing their responses.
  3. Your respondents can update their responses at any time, even after submitting the survey.
  4. Your respondents can receive a unique survey link in an email to continue the survey later. 

  1. It won't work if you've selected any restrictions in the Launch tab.
  2. It won't work for one-page surveys.
  3. It won't work if your respondents leave without clicking the Save and Continue Later button on the page. The best practice is to remind them to save often.
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