Tips and Tricks #50: Six must-try slide layout options in your business presentations

Tips and Tricks #50: Six must-try slide layout options in your business presentations

Hi All! 

In addition to the slide layout options we discussed in the previous post, Show offers a few more types to help you increase your presentation's visual appeal and create consistent-looking presentations.

Inform your audience of a new section in your presentation  

When you are dealing with multiple topics in your presentation, you can add a Section Header slide to separate the topics. This way, you can pause and inform the audience that you are going to move into a new section.

The Section Header layout has a Text (Subtitle) and Title placeholder at the center of its layout.

Compare different data of similar types  

You may at times want to compare data and highlight the differences to your audience (for example, a pricing plan or your short and long term goals). In such cases, you can use a Comparison slide layout.

The Comparison layout has a Title, two Text placeholders and two Content placeholders.

Display a title only   

The Title Only slide layout is an ideal choice when you want to showcase a single portion of text right at the center of the layout. For example, you can use this to display "Intermission," "Thank you," or "Any Questions" in the slide.  


Use a Blank layout to blackout the screen or enter data in it at the time of presentation

You may at times want to interact with the audience in the middle of the session and get input from them. In such cases, you can use a Blank slide and divert the audience's attention towards you. 


Share your team details using three Image placeholders

The Title, text, and three image layout is a perfect choice when you want to introduce several people, like your team members, in the slide deck. You can add images of your teammates in the Image placeholders and provide a few lines of description about them in the Text placeholders. 

You can also use this Title, text, and three image layout when multiple speakers are involved in the presentation and you want to add a slide about them.      

Illustrate your information with visuals in four Image placeholders

If you want to share a visual progression of your data with the audience, you can try the Title and Four Image layout. The layout has a Title and four Image placeholders to which you can add pictures showing different phases or stages of your data. This layout is a great option when you want to share images of a project plan or roadmap.    

In the Master View, you can add or remove placeholders in the slide layouts The changes you make in this view will reflect on all the slides following that layout.
We hope you found this post useful! We'll be back with more interesting tips for Show.
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Happy presenting!
—the Show team     

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