Tips and tricks #54: Narrate concepts using media files in a slide to connect with the audience instantly

Tips and tricks #54: Narrate concepts using media files in a slide to connect with the audience instantly

Hi All! 

With audio-visual aids in a presentation, you can support the content in your slides while helping the audience grasp your idea more effectively. These elements also improve the visual appeal of your presentation and make it look more interesting. For example, you can use a relevant image in the background to help them understand the theme of your presentation quickly.
Media clips are useful when you're creating slide decks to help the end-users learn concepts on their own. For example, in an educational presentation about geographical locations and regions, you can use pictures of relevant maps so that the students can easily visualize the context. This will make them actively participate in discussions, broadening their knowledge in the subject.       
When media files are used judiciously in a presentation, they can help prospective clients quickly respond to your business propositions. The audio, images, and videos in it will keep them focused throughout the session. Let's look at a few different ways Show lets you include media in your work.     

Zoho Show supports a wide range of media files to help you get innovative with your content creation process. These options are available under the Media tab in the top bar.   

Add important images with Show's Library option   

Show's Library can be found under Image and lets you add pictures from your computer into a presentation.
To do this,   
  1. Click Upload under Library and choose the desired image to add to this section, which has a storage capacity of 10 MB.
  2. Click the Plus symbol (+) on the visual, and the image will appear on the slide.      
Note: You can also insert an image from your system directly into a slide using the Add Image button in Library. The picture will also appear in this section.   
In Library, you can search and sort images using the Search field and Filter icon, respectively. You can further include images in this section from your WorkDrive Team Folder using the Pick from WorkDrive option.    


Include images from the web with Show's URL option  

Use the URL option under Image when you want to include online a picture in your presentation quickly without downloading and then uploading it into the application.          
To add an image from the Internet into your slide deck: 
  1. Open the picture in a new tab.
  2. Copy its link.
  3. Paste it in the text field under URL. You can preview it in this section.
  4. Click the Plus icon (+) on the visual, and it will appear on the slide.
Note: When you install Unsplash and Giphy add-ons, they will appear under Image in Media. You can use the Unsplash add-on when you want to insert high-resolution, royalty-free images taken by world-class photographers in your slide. Likewise, you can add gifs or stickers from Giphy when you want to convey concepts in a fun-filled and interesting manner.   

Cover more information in a short time with Show's Video option 

At times, you may want to include videos in a presentation from your system's local storage that perhaps explain a workflow or demonstrate a process. In such cases, you can use the Video option. To do this,   
  1. Click Video under Media.
  2. Click Add Video to upload the required file. You can also drag-drop a clip in this section, and it will appear on the slide.    

Using video clips in a slide deck can help you convey details that are otherwise challenging to communicate in any other manner. For instance, you can insert a video on unboxing and assembling your product in a slide to reveal a few tips and tricks. This way, you can also break up the monotony in a presentation and give your voice a rest since the audience will be engaged watching the clip for a while.

Note: You can upload a video clip with a maximum size of 500 MB on a slide in multiple file formats, including mp4, mov, m4v, avi, wmv, mpg, and mpeg.        

Insert an audio clip using Show's Audio option   

You can use the Audio option when you want to include an audio clip from your system's local storage in a slide deck. To do this,
  1. Click Audio under Media.
  2. Click Add Audio to upload the required file. You can also drag-drop a clip in this section, and it will appear on the slide.  

Using an audio snippet in a slide deck can help the audience stay interested in your subject. For example, you can start off with a welcoming, peppy tune to grab their attention and trigger enthusiasm in them. You can also include a relevant pre-recorded audio clip wherever there is a pause in your speech so that the excitement is maintained throughout the session.     

Note: You can upload an audio file with a maximum size of 100 MB on a slide in mp3, wav, and m4a formats.

Place video from other sites using Show's Embed Code option 

Additionally, Show lets you insert videos in a presentation from several external sites using the Embed Code option under Media. To do this, 
  1. Open the required video in a new tab.
  2. Copy its embed code.
  3. Paste it in the text area provided under Embed Code. You can now see a preview of the clip in this section.
  4. Click the Plus symbol in the video and it will appear on the slide.

We hope you find this post useful! We'll be back with more interesting tips for Show soon.

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Happy presenting!
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