Tips and Tricks #13: Customize a Published Presentation

Tips and Tricks #13: Customize a Published Presentation

Hello everyone!
We're excited to be back with Zoho Show's tip of the week. 

Whether you’re showing off your skills in class, or kicking off a new project at a board meeting, a dynamic presentation can keep your audience captivated and engaged when published online. With Zoho Show, you can not only embed the published code directly into your blogs, forums, or websites but also customize them after it is published on the web and allow viewers to download. 

Here's how you can customize your published presentation - 
  • Allow viewers to download - Enable the Allow Viewers to Download checkbox to let your viewers download a copy of the presentation in either PPTX or PDF format. A Download  icon will be displayed in the bottom toolbar of the published presentation. 

  • Edit embed code properties - Set additional formatting and display screen options when you embed your published presentation using the Advanced Options button, including adding border color, changing screen size, enabling toolbars, etc. 

We hope you found this tip useful. If you have more questions, feel free to ask in the comments below. 

Stay tuned for more useful tips every week from Zoho Show!

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