Transitioning From Google Drive

Transitioning From Google Drive

Hi Guys,

I'm looking for user experience of this scenario for hints/tips etc.

We are considering transitioning from Google Drive to workdrive as we can see big advanatges as Zoho One user partiularly with automation through flow and the various apps.

We have within Drive though about 2TB of data in a very specific folder structure and would want to mirror the structure exactly in it possible during the transition period to keep the two systems 'in sync' to allow us to tweak our processes before staff are even aware of the transition.

Ideally this would mean they could keep working in Google Drive while we play with WorkDrive and anything they add to Drive would sync to the appropriate place in workdrive and equally if we made a 'staged' shift with staff those that were working in workdrive their stuff would still be popping up in Google Drive.

I understand this might not be possible as an out of the box solution - and this might be a case of picking a weekend to sort it all out so it's done for staff coming in on the Monday morning.

Real user experience would be very helpful here, so any tips please fire away.