Introducing QR Codes for Career Sites, Webforms and more | Zoho Recruit

Introducing QR Codes for Career Sites, Webforms and more | Zoho Recruit

We're thrilled to share a groundbreaking enhancement that will reshape the way you connect with candidates. In our continuous efforts to enhance your recruiting experience, we proudly present the QR Code feature for Webforms, Career Sites and more. This exciting addition aims to simplify and amplify the way you engage with potential hires, promising a more efficient and seamless process.


Unleash the full spectrum of advantages that QR Codes bring to your recruitment toolkit.

Effortless Sharing

Simplify the distribution of application forms and job listings by sharing QR codes effortlessly. Whether you're networking at an event, collaborating with partners, or reaching out through various channels, the QR codes make the process seamless. Recruiters can now disseminate vital information with just a scan, facilitating quicker connections with potential candidates.

Enhanced Candidate Experience

Elevate the candidate journey by providing swift and hassle-free access to application forms. The convenience of scanning a QR code enables candidates to engage with your opportunities instantly, reducing friction in the application process. This enhancement aims to leave a positive and lasting impression on candidates, reflecting your commitment to a user-centric recruitment experience.

Time-saving Recruitment

Say goodbye to manual data entry woes. The QR Code feature significantly reduces the time and effort invested in data collection. Candidates can efficiently fill out forms, and recruiters can focus on analyzing and selecting the best-fit talent. This time-saving aspect not only boosts overall productivity but also allows recruiters to invest more energy in strategic aspects of the recruitment process.

Streamlined Data Collection

Embrace a new era of streamlined data collection. With QR codes seamlessly linking candidates to your forms, you eliminate the need for manual information input. This not only reduces the risk of errors but also ensures that your database is populated with accurate and relevant candidate information. Streamlining data collection is a pivotal step towards creating a more efficient and error-free recruitment process.

Use Cases

Explore the various ways in which QR Codes can be seamlessly integrated into your recruitment strategy, catering to diverse scenarios and enhancing your overall outreach.

Event Recruiting

Picture a bustling career fair or industry conference where capturing candidates' attention is crucial. Utilizing QR codes to provide instant access to your Webforms and Career Sites, turns casual interactions with candidates into potential job applications. This empowers recruiters to make a lasting impression at events, fostering a bridge between in-person engagement and online application processes.

Printed Materials

Enrich your printed marketing materials, such as brochures, posters, or promotional handouts, with QR codes. Instead of directing candidates to lengthy URLs, a quick scan seamlessly guides them to relevant application forms or job listings. This not only simplifies the candidate's journey but also transforms your print materials into interactive gateways, blending the physical and digital realms for a more engaging experience.

Onboarding Efficiency

Beyond the recruitment phase, leverage QR codes to streamline the onboarding process for new hires. Include QR codes in onboarding materials, facilitating quick access to essential forms, training materials, and relevant documentation. This enhances the efficiency of the onboarding journey, ensuring a smooth transition for new employees and reinforcing a positive impression from the start.

Cross-Platform Consistency

Achieve cross-platform consistency by incorporating QR codes across various channels. Whether engaging candidates at events, through printed materials, or in the digital landscape, the QR Code feature ensures a unified application experience. This consistency not only reinforces your brand identity but also simplifies the candidate journey, making it seamless and accessible, regardless of the engagement platform.

How to get started?

Zoho Recruit automatically generates QR codes for your Webforms and Career Sites, which you can directly print or download with a click of a button. Given below are step-by-step instructions on how to find the generated QR codes.

To access the QR code of a webform;
  • Navigate to Setup > Career Website > Webforms and click the Share button for the webform of your choosing.

  • In the Share & Embed pop-up, select the QR section.

To access the QR code for your Career Site;
  • Navigate to Setup > Career Website > Career Site and Customize a career site of your choosing.

  • Under the Advanced Settings section, select URL and Embed Code. The QR code for the selected career site will be displayed here.

Additional Details

Zoho Recruit generates QR codes for every individual job listing added to your Career Site. Follow the steps given below to access the generated QR code for a published job opening.

To access the QR code for a specific Career Site job listing;
  • Navigate to the published job opening and click Sourcing Summary from the Quick Access panel on the left. In the sourcing summary section, click Share this Job.

  • In the pop-up that is displayed, you will be able to access the QR code for the job's Career Site listing and other key information.


The favicon you upload during the Company Profile Verification stage will be added to your generated QR codes.

Join us in transforming recruitment into a streamlined, dynamic experience—where QR codes open doors, candidates find their path, and your team discovers a new era of efficiency.

Questions? Suggestions? Leave a comment below or reach out to our customer support team at

Team Zoho Recruit

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